The Wonders of Maine

Maine is the easternmost state in the U.S., and Lubec is the easternmost town in the U.S.. 99% of the United State’s blueberries are produced in Maine. Maine’s state animal is a moose. Maine is called “The Pine Tree State” and the Eastern White Pine is the official tree of Maine. A natural wonder in Maine is Mount Katahdin, which is located almost in the middle of the state. Mount Katahdin is the highest mountain in the state of Maine. Maine’s capital is called Augusta, and it’s called Augusta because in August the got changed into Augusta after Augusta Dearborn, Henry Dearborn’s Daughter. The first appearance of the name Maine was in 1622. The state’s motto is “Dirigo” which is Latin for “I lead,” “I direct,” or “I guide”. The word Dirigo is on the state flag and seal.

Maine is 9th least populous, 12th smallest by area, and the 13th least densely populated out of all the 50 U.S. states. Maine is in New England. The state is bordered New Hampshire to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast, and the Canadian Provinces, of New Brunswick, and Quebec to the northeast and northwest.

Would You Rather Have A Pet Unicorn Or A Pet Dragon, And Why?

If I could choose to have a pet unicorn or a pet dragon then I would choose a unicorn. Why? Because I think that if I had a dragon then I might have fire blown in my face and all over the house. If I had a unicorn:

  1. I probably would have lots of candy
  2. Nothing would seem as boring if things are boring
  3. I would have a pet because I haven’t had one in a while

So I think I would have a unicorn and not a dragon.

Which one would you want as a pet? Why would you?

My Alliterations

Midnight watches Mars Mix up Minty M&M’s and Makes Milk for Marty.

Party People Play with Polka dot Pots and Parrots and Penguins Perch.

Bees Bake Baked goods and Boat-fulls of Banana Bread, and Bring Boat-Fulls of Baked Banana Bread and Baked things to Beetle Bugs.

An Anteater Always Ate All the Apples All the time.

Without Witches With Water We Won’t Wail Whether Witches Were Wherever they are.

Tongue-Twister-y Twisters Tangle Tickets Tongues Together and Tickle Them Too.

The Nonsense Story

Once up on a time there was a giraffe named Norman who liked to do ballet.*

Oh, I love to do ballet, thought the giraffe to himself. Maybe I should get a music player.

So he went to town but didn’t know which store was which, even though it was right in front of him.

“Now which store is the music player store?” said Norman confused because, he couldn’t read very well because, why would a giraffe be able to read? He asked a lady dressed as a weird mole, but all she said was:

“I don’t know because I can’t read either,” said the mole lady, “Try the one that is next to the one right in front you.” And so he did. After he got inside all he saw was a person sitting at the front desk, listening to some music, but then he looked over at Norman and Norman looked at him.

“What are you looking for?” the person asked.

“I’m looking for a music player,” replied Norman to the man. Norman looked at the person’s name tag, oblivious to what it said. “What’s your name?”

“My name is Joe,” the person named Joe said. “Can’t you read that?”

“Sorry, but I can’t read, because I’m a giraffe,” said Norman.

As soon as Joe heard that there was a giraffe in the building he pushed an alarm button that he, for some reason, had under his desk.

WHOOP! – WHOOP!- WHOOP! – WHOOP! – WHOOP!!!! the alarm kept screeching.

Then the man shoved Norman out of the store and yelled, “NEVER come again!”

Norman was sad that he couldn’t go in the store again, but then he saw a picture of a giraffe listening to music on the building, and he pointed it to Joe. Then Joe said, “All right, you can get a music player. But then get out. Okay.”

“Okay,” Norman said, not very happy.”I will.”

The music player Norman got was not the most expensive one there, but it was a little bit expensive.

“That will be $49.99.” said Joe.

Oh no! thought Norman. I don’t have that much money. So Norman ran off somewhere with the music player in his pocket and I don’t know where he went. So who knows what happened next. You’ll have to wait and see in the next story with Norman and see where he ran off to.

* I meant to do up on.

The Case Of The Missing Backyard Rabbit

BUUUZZZZZZZZZZ!!! I was in my bed sleeping when my alarm clock buzzed really loud. My name is Avery and I like to read a lot and my favorite color is blue . That very morning after I ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, made my bed and put clothes on I was looking out my window to see my backyard and there was a bunny there like always. But one day was different. The bunny wasn’t there.

I was looking out my window and there is a bunny who is always outside in the morning but today was different. The bunny wasn’t there. It happened the next day to. The bunny wasn’t there. I knew something was happening. It happened for the whole week and the bunny didn’t come out. I thought maybe it might be coming out in the afternoon when I was not watching but about a week after it kept happening. I decided to watch out my living room window the whole entire day. After the day went by I still hadn’t seen the bunny. 

“That’s really weird that the bunny hasn’t been coming out,” I said to myself, “It’s really weird.” After I thought about what’d been happening for a minute, I decided to go outside and look under the deck where the bunny lives. When I took a peek under the deck I didn’t see anything except some cans and lots and lots and lots of leaves. I looked under the deck one more time and then went back inside.

I’ll look again later. I thought. 

When I looked under the deck again later, I still didn’t see anything under the deck. There was something up with the bunny. Either the bunny lives far back under the deck, or it moved somewhere else. I don’t think it moved somewhere else, so I think it lives really far back under the deck, but why isn’t the bunny going out? I’ll have to figure it out soon or the bunny might not be able to eat for a while, and that would be really bad. I was about to go back inside when I heard a sound. It sounded like the bunny was moving around in the leaves. I look under the deck and I saw a lump of leaves. 

What is that? I thought. Then I saw it move. I saw a bunny face for a second but then it disappeared. Then a thought came to my head

What if the bunny is taking care of a baby. So I looked up Do bunnies stay with their babies for a long time? and it said: Bunnies stay with their babies until they grow up. Now what I think is happening is the bunny had a baby. Maybe even 2.

When I was done looking up things about bunnies, I thought about when I could maybe watch the bunny. Or should I say the bunnies. I look out the window once in a while everyday now, but even when I look around times I don’t usually, I still don’t see the bunny. But a few days later, I saw a bunny. It looked smaller than usual though. 

Is that a baby bunny? I thought. Could it really be? I actually saw 2 bunnies hopping on the side of my house. 

So I was right, I thought. So the next day, I knew why the bunny wasn’t coming out. BUUUZZZZZZZZZZ!!! My clock buzzed really loud and it was time to get up.


P.S. This really kind of happened at my house. It really did happen.

The Best Pet For Me

The best pet for me I think would be a hamster. I think a hamster would the best pet for me because it doesn’t seem like they’re a lot of work. I’ve had fish before and it takes a while to put new, clean water in the fish tank. I’ve thought about having a pet turtle but then my mom found out that they can make you sick. And if I had a pet hamster then I would feed it, clean it’s cage and play with it. I think hamsters are fun too. But I hope if I get the hamster a wheel to spin on, it won’t be really squeaky, and it won’t get rusty.

I think hamsters are cute and funny sometimes. That’s why I think a hamster would be a good pet, even though I might never have one.

Top 10 List About Spring

  1. It gets warmer
  2. We go outside more
  3. I start eating ice cream and popsicles
  4. There are flowers growing
  5. The days get longer
  6. Trees grow leaves
  7. It’s mostly sunny (This year is really rainy).
  8. Easter
  9. Animals come out from hibernation
  10. I’m almost done with the school year


P.S. I hope you like the dancing flower, and the Sponge Bob. The flower’s face looks crazy if you pay attention to it.

My Favorite Room in my House

My favorite room in my house is my room. It’s my favorite room because I have all my things in it and I get to be in it alone usually. I don’t always get to be in it alone because I don’t have a lock on my door, so my brother, Sebastian comes in all the time, every single day straight. It is so annoying all the time. But I have to admit, I still like my room. That’s pretty much why I like my room. I’m going to be moving back to Exeter, where I lived before I moved to North Hampton.