My Inquiry Project

I did an inquiry project about mice. I picked mice to research on because I didn’t a lot about them.

Here are five facts I learned about mice:

1. Mice are in the Muridae family.

2. A mouse can squeeze through spaces as small as a dime.

3. Mice live in lots of places, including parts of Antarctica.

4. Some mice are very tiny while others are around the size of a baked potato.

5. They are related to squirrels, rats and beavers.

And my favorite part of the project was making my magezine pages.

My Vacation

During my vacation I went skiing for the first time on the Monday before Christmas… and it was fun.On the Sunday after Christmas I went to my friend Brigette’s house for her birthday and we went ice skating in her backyard. On Christmas I got a keyboard from my Mimi. My vacation was fun!