My Alliterations

Midnight watches Mars Mix up Minty M&M’s and Makes Milk for Marty.

Party People Play with Polka dot Pots and Parrots and Penguins Perch.

Bees Bake Baked goods and Boat-fulls of Banana Bread, and Bring Boat-Fulls of Baked Banana Bread and Baked things to Beetle Bugs.

An Anteater Always Ate All the Apples All the time.

Without Witches With Water We Won’t Wail Whether Witches Were Wherever they are.

Tongue-Twister-y Twisters Tangle Tickets Tongues Together and Tickle Them Too.

2 thoughts on “My Alliterations”

  1. Hi Anna,
    It looks like you had fun playing with sounds and images as you imagined each alliteration coming to life.
    Fun ~ I like you t – tongue twister that “tickles them too.”
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas!
    📝Mrs. Eaves

  2. Awesome alliterations Anna! You have inspired me to make some of my own! You are my role model!


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