The Nonsense Story

Once up on a time there was a giraffe named Norman who liked to do ballet.*

Oh, I love to do ballet, thought the giraffe to himself. Maybe I should get a music player.

So he went to town but didn’t know which store was which, even though it was right in front of him.

“Now which store is the music player store?” said Norman confused because, he couldn’t read very well because, why would a giraffe be able to read? He asked a lady dressed as a weird mole, but all she said was:

“I don’t know because I can’t read either,” said the mole lady, “Try the one that is next to the one right in front you.” And so he did. After he got inside all he saw was a person sitting at the front desk, listening to some music, but then he looked over at Norman and Norman looked at him.

“What are you looking for?” the person asked.

“I’m looking for a music player,” replied Norman to the man. Norman looked at the person’s name tag, oblivious to what it said. “What’s your name?”

“My name is Joe,” the person named Joe said. “Can’t you read that?”

“Sorry, but I can’t read, because I’m a giraffe,” said Norman.

As soon as Joe heard that there was a giraffe in the building he pushed an alarm button that he, for some reason, had under his desk.

WHOOP! – WHOOP!- WHOOP! – WHOOP! – WHOOP!!!! the alarm kept screeching.

Then the man shoved Norman out of the store and yelled, “NEVER come again!”

Norman was sad that he couldn’t go in the store again, but then he saw a picture of a giraffe listening to music on the building, and he pointed it to Joe. Then Joe said, “All right, you can get a music player. But then get out. Okay.”

“Okay,” Norman said, not very happy.”I will.”

The music player Norman got was not the most expensive one there, but it was a little bit expensive.

“That will be $49.99.” said Joe.

Oh no! thought Norman. I don’t have that much money. So Norman ran off somewhere with the music player in his pocket and I don’t know where he went. So who knows what happened next. You’ll have to wait and see in the next story with Norman and see where he ran off to.

* I meant to do up on.

7 thoughts on “The Nonsense Story”

  1. Hi Anna,
    Thanks for sharing that fun, funny nonsense story. Wherever Norman went, I hope he is able to us his music player and dance ballet to his heart’s content.
    I wonder if he’ll earn enough money from his dancing to come and pay the man back for the player he took. Hope so.
    📝🦒Mrs. Eaves

  2. Great job Anna! I love your story will Norman get caught? Where will he end up? I can’t wait to see what happens next! Hope to see you soon!

    -Your friend, Sophie

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