Would You Rather Have A Pet Unicorn Or A Pet Dragon, And Why?

If I could choose to have a pet unicorn or a pet dragon then I would choose a unicorn. Why? Because I think that if I had a dragon then I might have fire blown in my face and all over the house. If I had a unicorn:

  1. I probably would have lots of candy
  2. Nothing would seem as boring if things are boring
  3. I would have a pet because I haven’t had one in a while

So I think I would have a unicorn and not a dragon.

Which one would you want as a pet? Why would you?

5 thoughts on “Would You Rather Have A Pet Unicorn Or A Pet Dragon, And Why?”

  1. Hi Anna,
    I agree with you about the fire, but maybe there would be a way to train them. If so I think I would rather have a dragon that could fly. I would love fly and I dragon would certainly be sturdy. Another reason I would choose a dragon, is I am nervous around horses. They seem pretty close to horses.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas and for finishing up with a question. I hope you get lots of responses.
    🦄🐉Mrs. Eaves

  2. I would want to have a unicorn because then I would fart out rainbows and like candy maybe. Hope to see you soon Elena

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