The Case Of The Missing Backyard Rabbit

BUUUZZZZZZZZZZ!!! I was in my bed sleeping when my alarm clock buzzed really loud. My name is Avery and I like to read a lot and my favorite color is blue . That very morning after I ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, made my bed and put clothes on I was looking out my window to see my backyard and there was a bunny there like always. But one day was different. The bunny wasn’t there.

I was looking out my window and there is a bunny who is always outside in the morning but today was different. The bunny wasn’t there. It happened the next day to. The bunny wasn’t there. I knew something was happening. It happened for the whole week and the bunny didn’t come out. I thought maybe it might be coming out in the afternoon when I was not watching but about a week after it kept happening. I decided to watch out my living room window the whole entire day. After the day went by I still hadn’t seen the bunny. 

“That’s really weird that the bunny hasn’t been coming out,” I said to myself, “It’s really weird.” After I thought about what’d been happening for a minute, I decided to go outside and look under the deck where the bunny lives. When I took a peek under the deck I didn’t see anything except some cans and lots and lots and lots of leaves. I looked under the deck one more time and then went back inside.

I’ll look again later. I thought. 

When I looked under the deck again later, I still didn’t see anything under the deck. There was something up with the bunny. Either the bunny lives far back under the deck, or it moved somewhere else. I don’t think it moved somewhere else, so I think it lives really far back under the deck, but why isn’t the bunny going out? I’ll have to figure it out soon or the bunny might not be able to eat for a while, and that would be really bad. I was about to go back inside when I heard a sound. It sounded like the bunny was moving around in the leaves. I look under the deck and I saw a lump of leaves. 

What is that? I thought. Then I saw it move. I saw a bunny face for a second but then it disappeared. Then a thought came to my head

What if the bunny is taking care of a baby. So I looked up Do bunnies stay with their babies for a long time? and it said: Bunnies stay with their babies until they grow up. Now what I think is happening is the bunny had a baby. Maybe even 2.

When I was done looking up things about bunnies, I thought about when I could maybe watch the bunny. Or should I say the bunnies. I look out the window once in a while everyday now, but even when I look around times I don’t usually, I still don’t see the bunny. But a few days later, I saw a bunny. It looked smaller than usual though. 

Is that a baby bunny? I thought. Could it really be? I actually saw 2 bunnies hopping on the side of my house. 

So I was right, I thought. So the next day, I knew why the bunny wasn’t coming out. BUUUZZZZZZZZZZ!!! My clock buzzed really loud and it was time to get up.


P.S. This really kind of happened at my house. It really did happen.

3 thoughts on “The Case Of The Missing Backyard Rabbit”

  1. Hi Anna,
    I like your mystery. It is so cool that it is based on true events that happened at your house. I bet the baby bunnies were so cute.
    Your mystery is well written. You include the features of mystery stories and you used elaboration strategies in your writing.
    Thank you for your time and effort.
    📝🕵🏼‍♀️🐰Mrs. Eaves

  2. Hi Anna! You are very creative when writing your stories. I loved The Case Of The Missing Rabbit. Yesterday we found baby moles. I loved how you didn’t jump to conclusions and looked it up. I also really liked how devoted Avery was to find the rabbits and sat by her window the whole day. I love how devoted you are to your learning. You are my role model!


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