What Kindness Means

What does kindness mean? It means to be nice and not to be mean. When you are kind you could help someone if they dropped something or help them up if they fall down. At school if someone wasn’t getting played with at recess you could play with him or her. Kindness means just giving a smile to anyone in the world.


When I went trick-or-treating. I went down a street next to the library.  I was a bag of jelly beans and it said jelly belly on it. I went to the library first and got a chocolate bar! Then I went to the fire station and I got to pick some pieces of candy. Then I went down the street next to the library and saw some of my friends.

Our Classroom Pets

We have three types of classroom pets. A leopard gecko, a hermit crab, and some fish. The leopard gecko’s name is Bamboo. Bamboo has a lot of spots. The hermit crab’s name is Sandy.   Sandy has a tan shell.  There are some silver fish and some white fish and a pink fish and two catfish. These are the classroom pets in 3e.