My Math Problems

I think 28 divided by 7 matches with C because your sharing 28 donuts evenly with 7 students. And I think the answer is 4. And I think 4 times 9 matches with B because there are 4 logs and 9 turtles on each log, and that’s 4 times 9. And I think the answer is 36.

There were 42 crayons. A kid split them equally between 6 friends. How many did each friend get?

There were 36 people. They split into 4 groups. How many people were in each group?


Blizzards are big snow storms and they can last for a very long time. The snow in blizzards can get so high, that you can’t even open your front door! And it’s usually hard to see, because the wind is blowing the snow everywhere.