The Best Pet For Me

The best pet for me I think would be a hamster. I think a hamster would the best pet for me because it doesn’t seem like they’re a lot of work. I’ve had fish before and it takes a while to put new, clean water in the fish tank. I’ve thought about having a pet turtle but then my mom found out that they can make you sick. And if I had a pet hamster then I would feed it, clean it’s cage and play with it. I think hamsters are fun too. But I hope if I get the hamster a wheel to spin on, it won’t be really squeaky, and it won’t get rusty.

I think hamsters are cute and funny sometimes. That’s why I think a hamster would be a good pet, even though I might never have one.

4 thoughts on “The Best Pet For Me”

  1. Hi Anna,
    You have made a pretty good argument about why a hamster could be right for you. I can add one more thing, even though Humphrey seems to do an unsqueakble amount of talking, hamsters are pretty quite ~ though a squeaky wheel would not be fun.
    Maybe you’ll get a hamster in your new house.
    🐹Mrs. Eaves
    PS The picture you chose is really cute.

  2. a hamster is great my is donet the only thing i dont like is the wheel at night some reason so exersizes at night and its loud but you go to sleep eventuly HAMSTERS ARE GREAT

    like i said GREAT.

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