Have you ever wondered about storms?

Have you ever thought if a storm is coming?

Do you ever think storms happen often where you live, or wonder where they happen most?

Do you wonder how strong they are, or how much damage they sometimes cause?


Hurricanes are big wind storms that form over ocean and move onto land. They’re usually near tropical places, like Florida, or other places. Hurricanes have really strong wind speeds, that can tear roofs off houses. Hurricanes can also make cars or even trucks flip over in a different than it was in. They can stretch hundreds of miles! The hole in the middle is called the eye which is usually calm and sometimes sunny. It may seem like the storm is over when your in it, but it’s not! So if you see a Hurricane warning on the news, then get to a safe like a basement or closet or Hurricane shelter, and stay there.


Tornadoes are big storms, and the cloud is shaped like a funnel. They come from thunderstorms. The air keeps rising and spinning and rising and spinning and that’s how the storm cloud is made. Tornadoes can knock down trees and break houses. And they only give you a little bit of time to pack and they’re unexpected. So pack up your things and get to a safe spot. You might never know when a Tornado will come your way, because they do not give you a lot of time to go!


Thunderstorms are storms with lightning and thunder. The lightning is really, really, really hot. If you want to know how hot lightning is than here you go: it’s 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun, which is then 50,000 degrees. That’s a lot. What’s weird is thunderstorms can turn into Tornadoes, isn’t that kind of weird? Now if you see a really tall cloud with light in it, you might want to run into your house, car, or somewhere safe. Sometimes even just ducking on a field or the ground and putting your hands on your head makes it so you won’t get electrocuted. Being the lowest thing on the ground will make so you won’t get electrocuted. If you’re in a car the electricity goes around you. If you’re in your house you are likely not to get electrocuted. So if you have a Thunderstorm where you live, get inside or duck on the ground. That’s the safe thing to do!


Blizzards are big snow storms. They can last for a very long time, at least THREE HOURS. It’s a very very long long time. They can block your driveway, the road, even your door! Maybe someday it’ll cover your Whole Entire house. Blizzards can also make it hard to see which is called a White-Out. White-Outs make it very white. (of course because it’s called a White-Out.) Blizzards can have wind but I wouldn’t think it would blow the roof off your house like Tornadoes and Hurricanes. If I were in a Blizzard, I would probably stay in

my house just to be safe. Staying in your house would probably be the safe thing to do.

Now if you read the whole thing then you’ve learned some about storms.

The way to tell if a storm is coming, is watch what the clouds look like or change overtime.

Storms can cause lots of damage, and sometimes you didn’t even see the storm coming!

It depends on where you live for where storms happen most. Hurricanes usually in tropical places. Blizzards are usually in cold places. Thunderstorms are usually in lots of places . Tornadoes are in warm places.

Maybe if you want to learn more about clouds then read more about them. Just a suggestion.


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